Edward and Alphonse Elric (from the movie)

Welcome to MDA V2 Wiki!

MDA V2 Wiki is the official wiki for the second version of the forum! The first version's wiki is being taken care of by Darkamaru/Jay Furor who original gave me the idea to create this one. It'd all be on that site if it weren't for the fact wikia makes it look better.

About MDA V2Edit

The reason MDA V2 has the 'V2' on the end is simple, this is the second version of the forum (duh). The original forum is still open, but we really like ignoring it as it is out-of-order and the likes. Plus there are like a million different admins and a whole lot of blah.

The plot of the site is centered around Father having returned to power 5 years ago and rebirthing the homunculi, wanting to re-create the blood symbol of the country and take over again. Though, thanks to the last time, the knowledge of homunculi ETC is very known and if one admits to that kind of heritage, they're usually shunned... and bullshitting. It's not rare for civilians to claim to be a homunculi to get fame.

Damn idiots.

Well, aside from that, Father has taken the seat of Fuhrer and has sent the military in a violent spin again. Amestris' connections with other countries have been cut, treaties severed and the blood seal began to be remade. Now a small faction of the military want to work against the homunculi and the likes and a few alchemists too in order to help stop them in their wrath!!

Latest activityEdit

1) MONTHLY COMPETITION - Nomintions Open!

2) ACTIVITY CHECK 2 - June 4-18